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Customer Reviews

"Our club has been using the Paddle Q for a while now and it has become an indispensable piece of pickleball equipment that greatly enhances player rotation and paddle staging. It eliminates the guessing of which player or players are up next and ensures that paddles are safely stored and readily handy for player access. 

The Paddle Q is manufactured here in the USA and is well designed and made of high-quality materials that will ensure that the product will last through all types of weather conditions and constant use. The Paddle Q is powered by gravity alone, thus does not require any type of power source making it available to be mounted anywhere. 

The Paddle Q would be very beneficial for use on any sized pickleball court from smaller club-sized ones to the much larger public or private courts where a Paddle Q could be installed on every court in the complex.


This is a great piece of equipment and I give it a 5-star rating”

- Richard W.


"Our club loves our Paddle Q! It organizes our play, helps move the paddles smoothly and it is easy to keep track of who is in next. The ball holder and whiteboard make it the complete package! We no longer need to continually rearrange signs and the balls are available to everyone without interrupting a game to get balls from the inside rack! Our club would recommend this wholeheartedly!”

- Susie B, Dallas Pickleball Club

“We used to have our paddles lined up against the fence.  Now that we have the Paddle Q, our playing is well organized with players going in and out for club play on the courts.  It’s very simple to use and well built to withstand poor weather conditions in the winters. We have had ours for 2 years with lots of rain and cold, it still performs perfectly.  I would recommend the Paddle  Q to all clubs with outdoor play.”  

- Gail B.

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