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Q: How big is the paddle Q and can I move it easily?

A: Overall dimensions are 24” wide and 30” tall. Yes, it is easily moved as it is made from Aluminum only weighing 10lbs.

Q: Why is it so expensive?

A: Many brands outsource manufacturing offshore, others import materials and components but assemble them here so they can still make the USA claim. In doing so, they often sacrifice reliable quality standards. This is something we take seriously. As a small business in a small community, we know how important it is to preserve American manufacturing and gainful employment opportunities. As a manufacturer that is very proud of our products, we refuse to compromise quality by outsourcing. Bob is a United States Marine Corps veteran, several veterans are involved in the manufacture of our products. When you purchase a MAK Product you directly support American engineering, construction, and employment. In return, you receive an outstanding product designed to the highest standards for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Q: How many paddles/players can you stage?

A: One Paddle Q will stage 11 paddles/players, if you have more than 10 players waiting you should add Paddle Qs for different courts. For example, we have 4 courts here in town, we currently have a paddle Q on each side supporting 2 courts each with typically 6 to 10 players waiting on each side. One side is beginner to 3.0 and the other 3.5+, as we grow, we will make each court a different skill and add 2 more Paddle Qs. Some facilities have a lot of courts and a common staging/socializing area, they can place all the paddle Qs in this area and designate which court(s) they are staging on the white board for each paddle Q they have.

Q: How long will it last?

A: Built to last years and years in all weather conditions and carries a lifetime warranty!

Q: What is the whiteboard for exactly?

A: You can designate anything you want on the whiteboard; some examples are:

  1. Court # the paddle Q is staging (Court 3).

  2. Time for certain play levels or genders the paddle Q is staging (3.5 women’s 8 to noon).

  3. Different scenarios to mix play (losers or winners)

  4. Various play schedules (2 in 2 out; play 2 and sit, challenge court etc.).

Q: What can it be mounted on?

A: Any surface that spans vertically like a wall of fence. The Paddle Q comes with 3 mounting hardware options; quick hooks, link clips made for mounting to chain link fences and screws for solid walls.

Q: what if our public courts are prone to theft or vandalism?

A: The paddle Q comes with various mounting options; in this case, you would use the D-Ring hooks to hang the Paddle Q on the fence during use and remove it at night for safety.

Q: How do you keep track of your paddle if more than one player has one in the rack?

A: You can easily write your name on your paddle, use a label maker or the best option is to purchase a MYPadL custom band from

What are ways for my club to fund the purchase of a Paddle Q?

A: Some ideas to raise money are:

  1. Talk to your pickleball club board members and request they use part of the dues you pay to purchase a Paddle Q benefiting all club members.

  2. Take small donations from club members.

  3. Talk to your city or parks department, a lot of times they will either purchase or cost-share with the pickleball club.

  4. Ask non-profits to sponsor the purchase and hang a banner in return.

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